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About Smtp Service Product

We offer a variety of email service plans so that you can choose a package to fit all of your email needs .

We always put the customer first, which is why we make it easy and affordable for businesses to connect with their customers through email.

Send using a hosted exchange , mail server or directly from your email client.

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Bulk SMTP - 1000 emails per month R29 R29 Sign Up
Bulk SMTP - 5000 emails per month R99 R99 Sign Up
Bulk SMTP - 10 000 emails per month R165 R165 Sign Up
Bulk SMTP - 20 000 emails per month R299 R299 Sign Up
Bulk SMTP - 35 000 emails per month R519 R519 Sign Up
Bulk SMTP - 50 000 emails per month R729 R729 Sign Up
Bulk SMTP - 100 000 emails per month R1,299 R1,299 Sign Up
Smtp Service features
  • Pay a single monthly fee and send mails to the amount of your subscription.
  • No hourly, daily or weekly limits
  • No limits per IP or Domain